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The Fishhook Rebellion: Hawai’i 1847 – book 2 in A Swift and Dancer Adventure series by Dan Gooder Richard


Imprint: Inkspiration Media
On sale: February 3, 2023
Price: $9.99 ebook; $24.99 paperback
Pages: 614
ISBN: ebook 978-1939319357; paperback 978-1939319340

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Dan Gooder Richard delivers an adventurous new tale with The Fishhook Rebellion in this thrilling stand-alone sequel to his acclaimed The Good or Evil Side. After a successful career in marketing and publishing Richard turned his full-time attention to writing historical adventures. He lives in Virginia with his Swedish-speaking Finnish-born wife. Their forty-plus year life/work partnership – without the loggerheads – inspired the Swift and Dancer Adventures.


Dan Gooder Richard

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, January 20, 2023 – The first whaling ship arrived in the Hawaiian islands in 1819 from New Bedford, Massachusetts, setting the stage for over fifty years of whale oil trade. A record 736 whaling ships sailed to Hawai’i in 1846.

The Fishhook Rebellion is set just one year later in Hawai’i, tracing real history and fictitious characters with the dynamic duo of strong, independent female newspaper correspondent Samantha Swift and headstrong, maverick undercover government agent Jack Dancer. Much of the action in this historical adventure takes place in the Hawaiian islands around Lahaina on Maui, the whale fishing capital of the world.

"The first rule of historical fiction is to avoid being fictional history," says Dan Gooder Richard, author of The Fishhook Rebellion: Hawai’i 1847 a riveting historical adventure to be released on February 3, 2023.


"Long-form historical fiction allows an author to give a story richness and accuracy," Richard said about the second book in his Swift and Dancer Adventure series. "Unlike some streaming scripts that erase the line between true fact and fiction."


Dive into a historical adventure with characters that bring the historical facts alive:

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It’s the antebellum days of 1847: Correspondent Samantha Swift’s voyage from New York to Hawai’i to return a kidnapped island girl turns deadly as she struggles to survive aboard a transport ship at the center of the very opium and sex trafficking ring she is determined to expose. From a Five Points brothel in Manhattan to the howling graveyard of Cape Horn to the cyclone-of-the-century off Robinson Crusoe Island in the Pacific someone wants Swift dead – and will do anything to make that happen.

Meanwhile secret agent Jack Dancer’s around-the-world odyssey is driven by orders from President James K. Polk to discover Napoleon’s long-lost Maltese treasure before an unknown foreign power finds the trove – and buys domination in the Pacific poised to threaten the California territory. Duty propels Dancer from the same New York brothel to a stolen notebook in Paris to a Christmas tryst in Cairo and headlong into cutthroats in Zanzibar and reeking death temples in Tahiti.

But as Swift and Dancer’s separate trails of danger and death interweave nothing can stop the ruthless and murderous drive of their enemies to achieve their ends. Nothing – that is – until Swift and Dancer meet up in the “whaler’s hellhole of the Pacific:” Lahaina, Maui. There they are forced to put aside their mutual dislikes – after they uncover a secret so explosive it could destroy America’s fragile young republic forever. Against all odds Swift and Dancer follow an elusive trail stalked by a sadistic killer determined to beat them to one of the world’s greatest treasures. Only to find themselves in a lost world both wondrous and horrifying where the Hawaiian chiefs have long guarded an ancient secret – until now.


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